Mother: Claire Hammontree

Shower Dates:

August 23
October 17

Claire has registered for some cute and useful items for her baby showers.  Please call or stop by the store to purchase or for further details!

Chewbead Bracelets (Any Color):

 - The inventive, stylish and safe jewelry for moms!

Containers by Innobaby:

 - "Packin Smart" Food Stacker (Yellow)

- Twistable Stacker (Aqua)


 - Any, including books that pair with stuffed animals


 - Bamboo Push Elephant and Whale from Petit

- Sleepy Bunny Baby Book from Compendium

Easy Swaddles by Aden & Anais:

 - Small and Medium

Bath and Fragrance:

 - Lotions, Shampoo, Sprays etc. from Noodle and Boo

 Other Accessories:

 - Decorative Art from Curly Girl

- Candle Holders by Mariposa: Numbers and "Celebrate"

... And Several Other Items Currently at our store!

For more information, please call or come by!

Greeks Bearing Gifts Wedding Registry // Athens, TN
(423) 745-2642 ...